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Our Oil

Our Oil

We have around 4500 olive trees spreaded over a total surface area of 18 hectares, cultivated organically. 20% of all these wonderful trees are secular. Those are even more majestic, an irregular planting line helped them grow a considerable big sculpured shape with a big trunk. We mainly cultivate the variety “Carolea”, but we also have another cultivar: “Frantoio”.

The farming process is certified by Bioagricert, which ensures that our methods are in line with the european regulation CE 834/2007.

On the contrary of what is usually believed, some weeds give a positive impact on the soil. Another benefit of weeds is that they increase the organic matter of the soil. They help in preventing erosion, and the roots mine minerals from far beneath the surface and make them available for other plants. Weeds improve the quality of the ecosystem by creating a diverse plant life, and biodiversity keeps the system healthy.

il nostro olio
il nostro olio


This cultivar is very typical in south of Italy, especially in Calabria. It is a moderately vigorous tree with high shape, good resistance to drought and high winds.
The oil from this cultivar has a medium fruity green aroma, a typical almond tone and a herbaceous fragrant. The taste is primary sweet, with a balanced bitter-pungent combination.


The trees from this cultivar are quite vigorous with a large shape. This tree tends to be highly productive while it grows moderately.
The oil from this cultivar differentiates mostly in the colour. While the first one is light green, Frantoio tends to yellow
From the blend of our cultivar comes an extravirgin olive oil with peculiar organoleptic properties.

The extravirgin olive oil Aliva is gold yellow with light green shades. The aroma is of fresh grass, cichory and a touch of tomato. The flavor is light fruity and sweet, in harmony with a bitter-pungent sensation. Reccomended to use raw as salad dressing or on vegetables in general. Delicious on fish and white meets. Can also be used to slightly fry foods, which gives a richer taste.


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